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Connect with Trees

We humans have always been deeply connected with trees.


Trees have been our refuge, our community and religious centers, our therapists and healers. They have been the place to bring our entreaties in hope of being blessed. They have been a vibrant and living connection between us and the earth and all life forms.


Yet today, too many of us are disconnected from nature and see nature and us as two distinct systems; yet we are nature. What else could we be? We have moved away from the daily nurturing and joy that comes from living closely with nature, with trees, and we (and the planet) are suffering for it.


In the mid-1980's in Japan scientists began researching the differences in people who spent time in the forest rather than in constant urban settings. They found that we have built in responses to both threats as well as to heart opening peace, joy, and health which operate in different areas of our brains. They found that in people who spent even a few minutes in the forest, with trees, that their cortisol, blood pressure and heart rates lowered, immune systems strengthened and mood issues such as anxiety, depression and ADD decreased while dopamine and other feel-good chemicals increased.


Those who spent time in the trees regularly had greater and more sustained benefits as their brains' connections to health and feeling great grew. This time in the trees was named Forest Bathing and is a somatic full sensory immersion in the magic of the woods.





In 2007, while hiking in the Columbia Gorge, I was stopped in my tracks by a giant fir tree. I said to the tree, "You have been here a long time. Maybe you know something."


Immediately I was filled with such joy and presence that I had to know more. From that experience, trees were no longer just trees to me.


I have discovered that each tree species has a different quality, or energy, such as peace, relieving sadness or grief, joy, beauty, transcendence, female power, diligence and so much more. This is such an awe-inspiring experience! I will show you how and help you to also have this connection.


Everything emits energy- we all do- yet trees radiate especially powerful benevolent energy that can transform us and heighten our ability to connect with all life.


The retreat class consists of immersion in the forest and opening of your senses to what is offered, meditation and then instruction, connection with a tree that catches your attention, journaling, discussion, and closing meditation. Each class lasts about 2 hours. Cost is $22.00. Minimum of two people please.



Please contact me to schedule! You will be so happy!





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