Welcome to Your Retreat

Finding Your Spot

Begin by thinking of a place that calls to you. This can be a forest, a hiking trail that you have enjoyed, a private grove of trees, or a park that offers beautiful trees and some solitude. 

It can be a special place that you have visited and wanted to return to experience more fully. Take a moment to tune into the place now. Just sit, palms up and open, breathe deeply to clear your energy and to connect to your deeper awareness, and ask what place calls to you. Pay attention to the image, words, or memory.


Yes! pick up your backpack or other easy to carry tote. You only need a few things, but these will allow your time with the trees to go more smoothly and not be interrupted or cut short.

Bring water and some food to keep you happy for the time you will be away.  Suggestions are healthy bars, apple, cheese, nuts, etc. Bring something to sit or lie  on. Bring something to record your experience; either your phone or a journal. Ideally, bring this page and the meditation that follows. If it may get dark, bring a small light flashlight or headlamp.

That's it for the practical essentials.


Bring this with you!

Tree Initiation Meditation - Flora Rudolph
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At theTrees!

Take it all in! Just breathe deeply and walk a bit, fast then slow. Do some stretches and consciously let everything else go.  Really, let everything else go so you can fully be here in this community of life. Just let the beauty and the movement of these magnificent beings start to take you over. Notice the forms, lines, and grace surrounding you, and how outstanding this is. 

Do this until your restlessness subsides and then allow your senses to go deeper.

You may hear a rustling as trees and air interact. This may be welcoming you or a sign of something to notice. Pay attention to all of your sensory experiences and listen to your knowing your intuitive non-mind understanding. This is key.

Notice each tree you are with and when you feel called, like an urge, a longing or curiosity to be next to a certain tree or with a group, then do this. Settle your attention here and approach the tree that beckons to you. 

Get next to the tree with your palms flat and your forehead resting on the bark, on the trunk of this tree. Place your body as close as you can to the tree and express your joy from your heart and your interest in meeting it.  

Soon you will be filled with the intoxicating scent of the tree as it welcomes your connection. With practice, you will notice that your heart is wide open and that you are part of this great community of life. The profound presence and sustaining energy of your tree(s) will knock your socks off! There is no ego here, just life and presence and the great community of living beings, including you.


Follow the guided meditation when you are ready. 

There is much that you may experience in this magical time. You may sense the tree's energy, receive guidance or answers or comfort and release. Notice where in your body that you feel the energy and how this moves as your energy shifts. I have found it to be a never-ending surprise, deepening and the most replenishing joy imaginable.

You will be in a pretty dreamy state as you connect and receive what is here for you so record it as it will recede like a dream. By having a record of your journey, you can review and re-experience it when you are not able to be as close to your trees.


I would love to hear about your time, so please email me if you like at Floratreelove@gmail.com. 

Enjoy it then!